This is a game that I actually made for my English Project when I was in Grade 9. My topic was Shoplifter. I though maybe I should make a game based off my topic, so I did! Everyone was impressed especially for someone who had recently started game-dev! Anyway I decided to make a complete remake with Godot 3.0, used piskel for artwork. Music was by Rolemusic,


  • Player 1 is the shoplifter stealing whatever he can reach, although it's not your typical "grab and go and nothing happens" special effects occur as you steal different items.

    • Banana has a 20% chance of making you faster
    • Cheese has a 20% chance of making you slower
    • Cigarette has a 20% chance of making you "high" (for now, its just extremely slow speed)
    • Gun, shooting feature is implemented, but it's "not" really mapped to a button as it's extremely buggy right now
    • The effects don't end on new game! you need to reload the browser!
    • When Player 1 has at least a score of 12, he can leave the shop to win!
  • Player 2 is the shopkeeper, trying to catch player 1

System Requirements

  • You need OpenGL ES 3 or WebGL 2 to run this game
    • If your browser is not compatible, try the new versions of Chrome or Firefox
    • If your browser is compatible but your computer isn't, try running you browser with software rendering

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