What is Dodge It?

A game to test your finger tapping agility which guides your way through the obstacles (aka enemies).

  • Beautiful 60FPS game-play for Android
  • Only one control: Tap/Click to jump (Can also use Z)
  • Only one rule: Avoid the enemies
  • Cool backgrounds made by yours truly
  • Random music to soothe your game-play
    • Unique jingles for power-ups
  • Power-ups to aid you through game-play
  • 5 unique enemies to frustrate your game-play

Please Note

  • The HTML5 and Android versions might contain ads
  • HTML5 Performance might not be good
  • System Requirements are:
    • For Android:
      • OpenGL ES 2+
      • Snapdragon 600 (equivalent or better) for optimal performance
      • 1GB RAM or higher
    • For HTML5:
      • WebGL 1+
      • 512MB Memory Size or higher

Additional Note

  • Feedback and Donations are much appreciated!
  • Share it with your friends!
  • Google+

Get the Desktop version Here

Also available on

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Simple and catchy concept, I like it ! :)